She Needed Help

I was coming from the church when I met her. It was around 2 pm. she was with a child of about 7months. She looked pale, exhausted, and very disturbed. I felt an urge to go talk to her but thought it would be weird, “How do you just walk up to a total stranger and ask them what the matter is with them?” But I strongly felt to and I don’t regret it. ” I am so tired of this life… I want to die with my son,” she said in agony, painful tears rolling down her cheeks. And sadly, she had meant it; she had almost thrown herself from a road footbridge 2 hrs earlier before I met her near my church. I thank God, for whatever reason, she had held on a little longer. She was to accomplish her mission by evening if help did not come her way.

Apparently, she had been thrown out of her home by her husband at 8 am in the morning, with no phone, food, or money, and with a nursing baby, she had been stranded and hopeless. Her husband was seeing someone else and was tired of her. I also came to learn that she has three other children. I gave her food, some little money but I knew she needed more than that. Many women are undergoing such a plight. You and I can give such women a chance to rise again.

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Phyllis Kennedy is the Founder of AriseMama. She is passionate about women's empowerment and community development.

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